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REAL Integrative Landcare Certification is a verification system for ensuring your home and community landscapes are non toxic, earth friendly, and have the healthiest vegetation and soils. Our network of specialists provide plant, soil and water testing services, yielding data for customized landcare programs, utilizing precision applications of earth-healthy inputs.

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How We Help

Simply schedule a site visit for an initial round of soil, plant and water tests, and from that data a custom blend of nutrients and/or probiotics will be applied monthly or bi-weekly by one of our field technicians. Annual check-ups document measurable increases in soil fertility and plant health, while toxicology audits ensure maintenance workers are following protocol.

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Grow the lushest greenery and most nutritious edibles, while reducing inputs and waste, and supporting earth health. Take pride and comfort in knowing your home environment is truly clean and healthy for your family, community and planet.

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Integrative Landcare

Reintegration of and with the earth’s natural systems through  an integration of the precision, performance and scalability of conventional practices with the ethics, crop quality and sustainability of alternative programs.




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